At Iguana Studios, we have been producing, mixing and mastering nationally and internationally successful productions for eleven years. We mainly focus on the hard and heavy sector – and within this field, Iguana Studios have one of the most renowned names when it comes to productions that excel in technical complexity, dynamical clarity and extreme power, while always aiming at a very unique sound.

For this purpose, Iguana Studios provide the most up-to-date and high standard equipment. The studio is located in a perfectly idyllic setting at the centre of a quiet village, and yet only five minutes from the next motorway junction. It offers an extremely creative environment complete with fully equipped kitchen, air condition and the iguana, all adding up to an inspiring, relaxed and effective session atmosphere.

Amongst our references are Necrophagist, Deadborn, Finsterforst, Unlight, Maladie and many other renowned bands. Outstanding reviews prove the impact and success of the productions made @ Iguana Studios.

Because of our musical and technical flexibility, we have also gained extensive production experience in completely different fields: Voice recordings (for instance for Nero AG), chamber music ensembles, live recordings of classical music, a-cappella jazz and many more.

We have also recorded singing stones, celtic harps, howling dogs and piping bags – whatever the sound, we know how to capture it in the best possible way.

Some selected testimonials can be found at “what clients say“!