New Page online!!

!! Finally !! Finally !! Finally !!

New Iguana Studios Page online!
Because I was in fear that it could took another 10 years to finish my new page I decided to go online NOW!! I am a fulltime music producer, mastering and audioengineer and not a web designer. I can give away (and I did) some work and yes – I had very great help from really really great people – regarding cryptic WordPress geek stuff and ballpark translations – but in the end I have to generate the content by myself.

And it is not completely done yet.. There are bugs, there is stuff missing, there are a lot of things which are not nice and cool yet, as usually a lot of stuff can be done better. But I think it is quite great so far!

I hope that I will be able to fill-in the missing stuff soon.

Well – for example… I need to add all those great reviews my work received during the years, a complete credit list (might took me weeks to collect ^^) as well – and there will come a big and dedicated page regarding MASTERING – something which I do here all the time these days – I want to upload soundfiles for reference. “Before and after” stuff showing the possibilities of “mixing and mastering at Iguana Studios” in addition.

Currently I am doing research how this (uploading music-files) works in Germany – AFAIK you can be seriously fucked for all kind of content you share (Thanks GEMA etc) – even when you worked your ass of for creating it.

It would be great to share this info, please spread the world! Thanks a lot!

Currently Iguana Studios can be reached via these domains:

Well, beside a missing page there has a shitload of stuff happened over here the last few years. Because of the missing Iguana Studios Page it might have looked silent and dead over here. But it was not! I was so damn busy doing all kind of awesome things over here! I had the honor to produce, mix and master quite a whole lot of great bands.. During the last time these bands gained success and the albums we did here received euphoric reviews all over! I really really hope that I will be able to add some selected reviews and interviews to my page soon, as well as it could be cool to post additional infos regarding the sessions and corresponding picture galleries. I just need more time!

The Deadborn album was surely one of the most successful Deathmetal albums of the last year, same with Maladie in the field of blackmetal – I had the honor to mix and master this promising album earlier that year and we never thought that it will be that successful! 10/10 points all over, people get mad because of the uniqueness of that album… Currently the new Finsterforst Masterpiece is hitting the world via Napalm Records… This is really an epic monster – far beyond 500 tracks in the mix, 70 min of material, awesome compositions, awesome band.. yea – and I can proudly say: Killer production! I would say the best I ever did. And it was worth it! I read the first reviews – they are raving it!

Currently I am mixing the Pessimist album which we recorded during the last 3 weeks – today I had the team from Bearpaw TV here to do something very unique and different – testing and measuring different kind of bow-strings – there is a big episode coming up with me talking all kind of stuff regarding audio and archery – glad to be able to combine these very different field :-)

Next week I will do a true hardcore album with Selfish Hate and after that I will start mixing the upcoming Excelsis album.

Well, many words – but just a fragment of “what we did at Iguana Studios” during the last 2 years or something. There was way more! Sorry that I am not able to write this down today.

Please visit the Iguana Studios Facebook Page for older updates and news.

Have fun browsing the new Iguana Studios pages!

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