Some news and Iguana Studios on Facebook

Since the last update a truckload of awesome reviews came up, Finsterforst, Imperium Dekadenz, Nebelkrähe etc… All of those Albums (made in the Iguana Studios) are receiving only brilliant ratings. I am very proud to be able to work with such great bands and music.

Maybe I will be able to post more news about “what is going on at Iguana Studios” – but in the meantime please check the Iguana Studios Facebook Page:

There can be found at least “some” news and infos :-)



Metal Hammer (GE): 6/7
Legacy (GE): 14/15
Ave Noctum (GB): 9,5/10 (GE): 6,5/7
Metallian Magazine (F): 5/6
stormbringer webzine (AT): 4/5 (F) 4/5
Legacy Webzine (GE): 13/15 (GE):8/10 be continued!

New Page online!!

!! Finally !! Finally !! Finally !!

New Iguana Studios Page online!
Because I was in fear that it could took another 10 years to finish my new page I decided to go online NOW!! I am a fulltime music producer, mastering and audioengineer and not a web designer. I can give away (and I did) some work and yes – I had very great help from really really great people – regarding cryptic WordPress geek stuff and ballpark translations – but in the end I have to generate the content by myself.

And it is not completely done yet.. There are bugs, there is stuff missing, there are a lot of things which are not nice and cool yet, as usually a lot of stuff can be done better. But I think it is quite great so far!

I hope that I will be able to fill-in the missing stuff soon.

Well – for example… I need to add all those great reviews my work received during the years, a complete credit list (might took me weeks to collect ^^) as well – and there will come a big and dedicated page regarding MASTERING – something which I do here all the time these days – I want to upload soundfiles for reference. “Before and after” stuff showing the possibilities of “mixing and mastering at Iguana Studios” in addition.

Currently I am doing research how this (uploading music-files) works in Germany – AFAIK you can be seriously fucked for all kind of content you share (Thanks GEMA etc) – even when you worked your ass of for creating it.

It would be great to share this info, please spread the world! Thanks a lot!

Currently Iguana Studios can be reached via these domains:

Well, beside a missing page there has a shitload of stuff happened over here the last few years. Because of the missing Iguana Studios Page it might have looked silent and dead over here. But it was not! Continue reading

Recording the new Pessimist Album

Currently recording the new Pessimist Album! So far we have tracked quite great drums and almost all guitars.

First Finsterforst Album Review 10/10!

I just read the first (or at least one of the first) Review of the upcoming Finsterforst Album “Rastlos” which I made recently – 560 tracks and stuff and most epic ever material… It seems that those 50 days of work payed off!

10/10 points!! Great!!! Continue reading

Metal-Version of the “Badner Song” – Video online

I just stepped over the video which was made from Badische Zeitung during the recording sessions for the metal version of the Badnerlied two days ago. It is damn great! Only in german, though:

Produced in the Iguana Studios – Heavy Metal Bands play the Badnerlied