What Clients say

Simon Schillinger, Finsterforst:

“I’ve known Christoph for some time now, and I’ll never consider another studio than Iguana for an album production. Why? Simple answer: He’s the best! With Finsterforst, we had some very complex productions in mind from the start. And because Christoph works in such a skilled, disciplined and relaxed manner, we were always able to realize our wishes and ideas. He has been crucially important to developing our sound and he never ceased to advance our sound quality. This crazy guy seems to know no boundaries – no matter if the production in question features 560 tracks or whether an instrument needs to be repaired: Christoph always masters all difficulties without compromise and always reaches utmost perfection.
I’m already looking forward to our next production at Iguana Studios, and I can’t wait to lay hands on our next work – and on some serious pork joints and lots of fun! You always feel great at Christoph’s place!
Epic! Mighty! Massive! Christoph “big C” Brandes!”

Björn Köppler, Maladie:

„Maladie at Iguana Studio? I’ve often been asked why we specifically chose this place. Why didn’t we decide on an even better known studio or one that’s closer to the place where I live?
The answer is simple: because I envisioned that collaborating with Christoph Brandes would bring the best possible result for our recordings. Christoph doesn’t cling to one particular sound that he will force upon every band, regardless of their genre (like many other studio guys do) – he really commits himself to the music and the feeling before setting out to find the perfect sound.
That’s what counts for me, and therefore, there was really no other choice. It had to be Iguana Studio.
Working with Christoph has always been cool and relaxed in spite of him being absolutely focused and professional which is very important for our in-depth, detailed approach.
The studio’s surroundings, the well-equipped kitchen and the small but comfy bar also add to the pleasant atmosphere.
My conclusion: perfect sound in perfect surroundings with a perfect producer.
See you again soon …”

Mark Walther, Spheron:

“We never considered using another studio … I already knew Christoph and his Iguana Studio from working with Maladie, and I was fascinated by his skills and professionalism from the start. Friends from other bands like Deadborn, Dead Eyed Sleeper and Fragments Of Unbecoming all get totally enthusiastic whenever they talk about their Iguana Studio experiences. And what can I say? They’re right! Christoph knows how to give a band the perfect, individual sound! Those who know the bands and their sound know what I’m on about.
Apart from this, the idyllic atmosphere of the studio makes you feel at home at once! It’s just tremendous fun to work with Christoph, and we’re already looking forward to producing the next SPERON album at his place.”

Freddy Marrone, Backslide:

“We started working with Christoph and his pet dragon quite a while ago – Backslide already recorded their second album at Iguana, back in 2002. A smaller scale operation on the whole, but nevertheless with quite impressive results!
Therefore, there was no real alternative to Iguana Studio for recording our new album. The guy just has an incredible talent for creating the perfect sound for each song. You definitely won’t get any standard treatment here.
And don’t be deterred by Mr. Brandes’ metal dominated vita. He always puts the music first, and there is always a mighty dose of rock’n’roll involved, resulting in a corresponding fat and convincing sound.”