Some news and Iguana Studios on Facebook

Since the last update a truckload of awesome reviews came up, Finsterforst, Imperium Dekadenz, Nebelkrähe etc… All of those Albums (made in the Iguana Studios) are receiving only brilliant ratings. I am very proud to be able to work with such great bands and music.

Maybe I will be able to post more news about “what is going on at Iguana Studios” – but in the meantime please check the Iguana Studios Facebook Page:

There can be found at least “some” news and infos :-)



Metal Hammer (GE): 6/7
Legacy (GE): 14/15
Ave Noctum (GB): 9,5/10 (GE): 6,5/7
Metallian Magazine (F): 5/6
stormbringer webzine (AT): 4/5 (F) 4/5
Legacy Webzine (GE): 13/15 (GE):8/10 be continued!

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