Today, a lot of bands sound the same – either because the producer applies the same strategies to whatever project he’s working on, or because bog standard engineers muck about on their home computers with off-the-shelf samples and settings.

At Iguana, we’re different. Our biggest strength – well honed after more than 200 album productions – lies in the individual touch and the constant search for innovation to realize productions with a unique and individual sound.

At Iguana, we make a point to prepare the production with the band before entering the studio. This means checking out the whole “package” either live or at a rehearsal: any problems that might cause expensive hold-ups during the recording can be addressed before the actual work starts. We then adjust the workflow in close coordination with the artists to make sure it fits the philosophy of the band. This way, we can realize a fully-fledged, 110 per cent production – of the kind that might have cost as much as a family home in the old days – with the budgets of today.