For technology dummies:

We have all the things we need to realize a monster production. We are perfectly equipped for all kinds of recording/mix/remix/mastering sessions.

For nerds:

High-end audio converters by Lynx ™, RME, and MOTU ™ as well as Anthelope ™ Isochrone OCX Masterclock guarantee perfect audio quality. The calibrated and acoustically optimized listening environment, combined with reference monitors by ADAM ™ S3A, connected with Vovox ™ Klangleitern, enable perfection in every detail as well as straight forward recording, mix and mastering.

Highly efficient DSP solutions like TC ™ Powercore and Universal Audio ™ UAD2 offer the greatest possible quality and flexibility when it comes to audio processing. The studio is equipped with nearly all available plug-ins by Sonnox, Slate Digital, Waves, PSP, Voxengo etc., providing endless possibilities for editing and manipulation – no matter whether the project calls for a slight (or heavy) analogue touch, surgical cuts or maybe drastic distortion. We have the right tools for every situation, and most importantly, we know how to use them.

The studio also offers a wealth of other possibilities: sample precise editing, sound/drum replacement, re-amping, timing and pitch correction, extremely realistic room simulation achieved by impulse responses as well as drum programming, location recordings and lots of other things.

Gear, selected:


Lynx Aurora 16

Motu 2408 MK3

RME Raydat – 72 ins/outs in total

Master clock:

Anthelope Isochrone OCX


Presonus Central Station


Yamaha HS 50


good ol’ hi-fi system


Focusrite ISA, Avalon, dbx, etc.


Neumann, Shure, Audio Technika, AKG, etc.


lots (Sennheiser, AKG etc)

Misc: Radial DI, Radial X-amp re-amping box, Marshall cabs, Mesa Strategy 400 amplifier, Yamaha recording custom drums plus extensive hard ware, various snares, extensive selection of drum heads, cymbals, etc.

Work station:

Main DAW:

8 Core i7, 12 GB ram, SSD hard discs etc, 64 bit operating system

various other computers

Macbook Pro

Macbook Air



Steinberg Nuendo 5.5

Steinberg Cubase 6

Steinberg Wabelab 7

3 x TC Powercore

1 x UAD2 Quad + 3 x UAD1

Nearly everything by:

Universal Audio Plugins

TC Powercore plug-ins complete with VSS3

Sonnox plug-ins

Waves plug-ins

Slate digital plug-ins

PSP plug-ins



Nomad Factory

etc. etc. – you name it … it’s not important. Just tools.